Get to Know the Crew! Flashtista


Commander Flashtista is the Condor’s head of security, pilot, and Bandit’s best friend. It’s her job to maintain order and advise Captain Bandit on military issues when necessary. Being second in command, she often let’s her strong-willed-kick-in-the-pants attitude do the commanding for her.

Flashtista isn’t your average turtle. She has psychic abilities. When she was younger she used to predict the future, but she’s lost that skill due to an accident. Now she can only predict movement and levitate. Flashtista moves fastest when she’s floating and rarely ever walks. The crack in her shell is connected to her un-turtle like abilities.

The Condor’s pilot is a no-nonsense leader who tends to blast first and blast again later.



Let’s Make Comics! Steph’s Writer Storyboards

When Lassie and I decided to make Star Beasts, I’d never written a comic before.

BAM!  This newbie had to figure how to write comics fast, but let’s face it– ideas need to be born.

After I dreamed up a new pet space world, developed characters with Lassie, plotted, paced, and read bunch of comic writer scripts, I was ready to finally start writing. My game plan was to write 6 issues at once and capture the whole story arc.

To keep track of my page spreads, I drew mini storyboards of the 24 page comic on a piece of notebook paper. I numbered each square so I could see the spreads at a glance.


Then I tore up sticky notes into 24 pieces. On each one, I scribbled down the main plot point for each page. This helped me keep track of the story flow, especially if I needed to make pancakes, or something before I finished writing the issue.


PLUS! I could just take the sticky notes off and use the same base notebook storyboard for the next issue. Very handy-dandy.

I did this process for all six issues and it worked super well. Try it out!