Get to Know the Crew! Flashtista


Commander Flashtista is the Condor’s head of security, pilot, and Bandit’s best friend. It’s her job to maintain order and advise Captain Bandit on military issues when necessary. Being second in command, she often let’s her strong-willed-kick-in-the-pants attitude do the commanding for her.

Flashtista isn’t your average turtle. She has psychic abilities. When she was younger she used to predict the future, but she’s lost that skill due to an accident. Now she can only predict movement and levitate. Flashtista moves fastest when she’s floating and rarely ever walks. The crack in her shell is connected to her un-turtle like abilities.

The Condor’s pilot is a no-nonsense leader who tends to blast first and blast again later.


Get to Know the Crew! Karma


Lieutenant Jamyang is a tiger and trained medic. Despite her large size, she is a gentle soul. Her commanding officer, Flashtista, gets frustrated with Karma’s “humbled warrior” approach to life. Karma, on the other paw, is proud to be a “peaceful healer.” She enjoys spreading goodness across the galaxy.

Due to her strength, natural fighting abilities, and risk taking past, Karma is often called into battle, but she tries to live up to her name. Lieutenant Jamyang does everything she can to help rather than to harm.

When she’s not tending wounds and saving the universe, she enjoys meditating and texting with her family back on Earth.

Get to Know the Crew! Snuffs


Crewcreature Snuffs Lewis is practical from tail to snout. On the Condor, his job is to be a space farmer and feed his team. Every once in a while he grows experimental fruits and vegetables with more powers than just vitamins.

Snuffs is a the most useful, get-the-job-done creature on the Condor. Dr. Maria Curly appreciates the pig’s focused nature. They were both raised in the country and often spend time together.

Before coming to the Condor, Snuffs was a farmer on Earth. He decided to join the Creaturehood primarily for the paycheck. He has five hungry piglets back on the planet to feed. Crewcreature Lewis wears his gardening hat whether he’s in the dirt or not. His piglets gave it to him as a going away present.

Get to Know the Crew! Zayd


Zayd believes goodwill is good vibes. For this Condor Crewcreature being a DJ and a Zoorb Ambassador is one state of mind. Music is the zig to his zag and Zayd often uses tunes to solve the crew’s space problems.

He’s deeply inspired by the cosmos, the stillness of the universe, the controlled chaos of the sun, and of course, the music of the planets. Zayd was chosen by the Zoorb council to represent Earth in all diplomatic matters. He takes this responsibility seriously and is devoted to building creature friendships across the universe.

Originally from the Serengeti, Zayd misses his home from time to time, especially his girlfriend Zahra. She’s the Princess of her Dazzle of Zebras and devoted to her creatures. Every night Zayd spins songs out into the stars just to honor her.


Get to Know the Crew! Eleanor


Eleanor is a talented artist and problem-solver. Her job on the Condor is to help understand the universe through art. Crewcreature La works in several mediums: painting, pottery, drawing, sewing, graphic design, paper mache, bedazzling, and the occasionally performance art. The classical arts aren’t her only talents. She’s also an excellent escape artist.

Chosen from the Zoorb Academy for her imaginative thinking skills, Eleanor’s figured out that problem solving isn’t always formulaic. Highly innovative and optimistic, she’s the kind of Crewcreature you need when your space mission goes off the rails.

Eleanor loves spending her free time organizing her craft supplies and imagining creative ways to save the universe and her Condor friends.

Get to Know the Crew! Captain Bandit


Captain Bandit VII is a charming, but tough leader. As captain, his main goal is to complete missions and keep his crew safe. Bandit has a soft spot for outcasts and Crewcreatures who come up with unexpected ways to save the galaxy.

His father, General Bandit VI, was one of the most famous Zoorb captains in the fleet and Bandit is expected to succeed in father’s pawsteps. Like most dogs, Bandit was raised by a human family. In order to join the Zoorb Academy, he had become a “lost pet” and leave his human family forever.

As expected, he excelled at the Zoorb Academy and quickly caught the attention of Zoorb Council Leadership. Bandit was first in his class at Exploration, Peacekeeping, Security, and Search and Rescue. He was also captain of a 3-time champion volleyball team.

Bandit is one of the youngest captains in the Creaturehood, and also one of the most trusted.

Get to Know the Crew! Maria


Dr. Maria Curly is a driven, well-respected scientist. With PHD’s in almost everything imaginable she doesn’t humor foolish creatures lightly. Maria loves to have THE scientific answer for everything.

When she’s focused on proving that her theories and experiments are 100% right, sleeping, eating, and even saving her other crew members becomes (SIGH) a bit of a bother.

Her role on the ship is to answer any science need necessary to protect Earth and study new astrologic experiences in deep space. Personally, Maria hopes that by exploring the far reaches of the universe, she’ll learn groundbreaking truths that will help her win the prestigious Dardis Prize again. Maria dreams of becoming the only creature scientist to have won the Dardis three times!

An entire wall of Maria’s laboratory showcases her well-earned diplomas and awards. The doctor may, or may not have positioned her lab worktable just so she could glance up at her own greatness every now and then.