Star Beasts and WonderCon 2018!


WonderCon 2018! California here we come!


The Condor Crew will be landing at WonderCon 2018 this March. If you’re in the west coast neighborhood, pick up your convention exclusive issue of Star Beasts #1 The Mighty Menace at the Anaheim Convention Center, Booth SP-72.


Make sure to stop by Booth SP-72 for all-ages comics, free space stuff, fun galactic goodies, and custom sketches with space catchphrases!

We’re looking forward to meeting some CA fans and making some new ones!

When is WonderCon 2018?

WonderCon is a Comic-con International show. They’re the good folks who also run Comic Con San Diego and trust us, they are REALLY nice and super helpful which makes them honorary Crewcreatures out the gate.


Anaheim’s WonderCon is March 23rd-25th at the Anaheim Convention Center.

WonderCon Hours: Friday, March 23, 11:30AM-7PM, Saturday, March 24, 10AM-7PM, Sunday, March 25 10AM-5PM.

Star Beasts will be postponing all disco volleyball matches to attend WonderCon 2018 and there will be Pet Space Rocks. Oh yes. Yes there will.




Preorder Star Beasts Issue #1 NOW!

Check Out The NEW Star Beasts Shop!

The Condor Crew is taking preorders for the first intergalactic issue of Star Beasts, The Mighty Menace at the NEW Star Beasts Comic Shop! This will be the Crewcreature non-convention exclusive cover.


Other Star Beasts products will be coming soon to the Star Beasts Shop– so stay tuned.

Don’t You Worry! Star Beasts is Landing at Local Comic Stores Too!

Our comic store friends will be getting their issues during this new print run. If you live in the Kansas City, Lawrence, Bloomington, and Chicago areas– Issue #1 will be hitting the shelves at local stores sometime this spring. Do good the thing. Shop local, Crewcreatures.

Shipping Is Available

But we do know some of our Star Beasts Fans live in the outer rim. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with nice flat-rate shipping.

Go check out the shop through the link or even on the new shop section of this website!

BLAST YEAH! Exclusive Star Beasts Issue #1


Get Your Star Beasts Issue #1 at Planet Comicon!

Star Beasts Issue #1 is hot off the comic cosmic presses. Be the first to get your convention exclusive issue at Kansas City’s Planet Comicon!

Want to know the real reason Pluto isn’t planet anymore?

Find out in the first issue of Star Beasts, The Mighty Menace. Meet the Condor Crew as they save Earth (and humans) from galactic baddies bent on destroying us all– as they like to do.

You’d think galactic baddies would like lounge on the beach, or take a minute to sniff the stars every once in a while, but no. It’s always Destroy. Destroy. Destroy.

The Adventure Blasts Off at Planet Comicon!

Come meet the Condor Crew, get a signed issue, and join the battle of the Mighty vs the Might!


Planet Comicon 2018


Hey, Hey, Hey Planet Comicon!

Star Beasts are cruising by for another adventure filled weekend at Kansas City’s Planet Comicon 2018.


What’s new at Planet Comicon 2018?

Last year Star Beasts offically met the comic universe at Planet. This year, the Condor Crew will launch our six issue series with…


If that doesn’t kick-asteroids, I don’t know what does?

Make sure to stop by our landing pad for free space stuff, fun galactic goodies, and custom sketches with space catchphrases! (Blast the Galactic Fantastic, Man!).

The rumor around the rocketblasters is that there will be convention exclusives.

Whoa. I know.

When is Planet Comicon?

Kansas City’s Planet Comicon is February 16 – 18 at Bartle Hall. Star Beasts will be postponing all disco volleyball matches to be there from noon to 7PM on Friday, 10AM to 7PM on Saturday, and 10AM to 5PM on Sunday!

Come see us at Kansas City’s premiere comic convention!


Get to Know the Crew! Flashtista


Commander Flashtista is the Condor’s head of security, pilot, and Bandit’s best friend. It’s her job to maintain order and advise Captain Bandit on military issues when necessary. Being second in command, she often let’s her strong-willed-kick-in-the-pants attitude do the commanding for her.

Flashtista isn’t your average turtle. She has psychic abilities. When she was younger she used to predict the future, but she’s lost that skill due to an accident. Now she can only predict movement and levitate. Flashtista moves fastest when she’s floating and rarely ever walks. The crack in her shell is connected to her un-turtle like abilities.

The Condor’s pilot is a no-nonsense leader who tends to blast first and blast again later.


Get to Know the Crew! Karma


Lieutenant Jamyang is a tiger and trained medic. Despite her large size, she is a gentle soul. Her commanding officer, Flashtista, gets frustrated with Karma’s “humbled warrior” approach to life. Karma, on the other paw, is proud to be a “peaceful healer.” She enjoys spreading goodness across the galaxy.

Due to her strength, natural fighting abilities, and risk taking past, Karma is often called into battle, but she tries to live up to her name. Lieutenant Jamyang does everything she can to help rather than to harm.

When she’s not tending wounds and saving the universe, she enjoys meditating and texting with her family back on Earth.

Get to Know the Crew! Snuffs


Crewcreature Snuffs Lewis is practical from tail to snout. On the Condor, his job is to be a space farmer and feed his team. Every once in a while he grows experimental fruits and vegetables with more powers than just vitamins.

Snuffs is a the most useful, get-the-job-done creature on the Condor. Dr. Maria Curly appreciates the pig’s focused nature. They were both raised in the country and often spend time together.

Before coming to the Condor, Snuffs was a farmer on Earth. He decided to join the Creaturehood primarily for the paycheck. He has five hungry piglets back on the planet to feed. Crewcreature Lewis wears his gardening hat whether he’s in the dirt or not. His piglets gave it to him as a going away present.

Get to Know the Crew! Clio


Lieutenant Clio Fin is third in command and a dedicated scholar. Her mission is to observe and record Creaturehood history as it happens. She see’s history as a living thing. Clio uses her historical knowledge to help make current decisions for the Condor Crew. She truly believes that applying perspective and learnings from the past can help save the future.

Clio’s most useful tool and favorite possession is her Shell Library. Passed down from her father, Nabu, it contains the most crucial and least obvious moments the Creaturehood history. Lieutenant Fin loves all kinds of stories. During her rare time off, she tends to binge stories through movies, books, and TV shows.

Being a goldfish, Clio must stay in a watery environment. A water bubble constantly surrounds her so she can breath.