The STAR BEASTS Graphic Novel Has Landed!

Preorder the Star Beasts the graphic novel now!

Finally read the WHOLE kick-asteroid adventure!

The full-color, 208 page comic will be in your paws the week of July 21st 2021!

Order Star Beasts at…

Comic Book Stores: Preview Order Code MAR211448




Buy Star Beasts Issue #1 Online!

Say Hello to the Star Beasts Shop!

If you didn’t get your copy Star Beasts, The Mighty Menace at your favorite comic book convention, and it’s not at your local comic store, don’t worry! Star Beasts Issue #1 is available for online purchase NOW at the Star Beasts Comic Shop!


Other Star Beasts products will be coming soon to the Star Beasts Shop– so stay tuned.

Shipping Is Available

Because of our Star Beasts Fans live in the outer rim, we’ve got you covered with nice flat-rate shipping.

Go check out the shop through the link or even on the new shop section of this website!

And Thanks for Lovin’ STAR BEASTS!

Star Beasts Are Landing At Heroes Con 2018

Blast yeah, Charlotte!

Star Beasts will be setting up space shop at the Heroes Comic Convention in North Carolina this year.

Dates for Heroes Con

Put it on your galactic calendar. Heroes Comic Con 2018 dates are Friday, June 15, Saturday, June 16, and Sunday, June 17.

Star Beasts will be there for the whole stellar weekend.

Free Space Stuff and More…

You can bet your comet cluster, we’ll have fun Space Stuff, FREE Pet Space Rocks, comics, including…

ISSUE #1 of Star Beasts!


Hope to see you at Heroes Con 2018!

If you can’t make it, be on the look out for more 2018 comic con dates from Star Beasts!









Elite Comics Kicks Asteroid! 

Thanks Elite for stocking the first official issue of Star Beasts, The Might Menace. Issue #1 is on shelves now, so make sure you go in and ask for Star Beasts by name!

Free Comic Book Day 2018

Still want the origin issue of Star Beasts? We dropped off more copies of the original sneak peek teaser of Star Beasts at Elite for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. They’ll go quick, so make sure to stop by Elite and pick one up on free comic book day, Saturday, May 5th.

What is Free Comic Book Day?

Some Crewcreatures might be new to comics and not realize that once (and sometimes TWICE) a year comic book stores give out free comics to their customers. Many comic book stores like Elite even have activities with special guests! You can meet comic book creators and dress up like your favorite characters. It’s basically like a store-sized comic con, but there’s also FREE COMICS. And you know how the Star Beasts love their free space stuff….

Where is Elite Comics?

Elite comics is located at 11842 Quivira Road in Overland Park, Kansas. Blast on over and pick up your copy of Star Beasts Issue #1 and enjoy FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!