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The Condor Crew is taking preorders for the first intergalactic issue of Star Beasts, The Mighty Menace at the NEW Star Beasts Comic Shop! This will be the Crewcreature non-convention exclusive cover.


Other Star Beasts products will be coming soon to the Star Beasts Shop– so stay tuned.

Don’t You Worry! Star Beasts is Landing at Local Comic Stores Too!

Our comic store friends will be getting their issues during this new print run. If you live in the Kansas City, Lawrence, Bloomington, and Chicago areas– Issue #1 will be hitting the shelves at local stores sometime this spring. Do good the thing. Shop local, Crewcreatures.

Shipping Is Available

But we do know some of our Star Beasts Fans live in the outer rim. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with nice flat-rate shipping.

Go check out the shop through the link or even on the new shop section of this website!

BLAST YEAH! Exclusive Star Beasts Issue #1


Get Your Star Beasts Issue #1 at Planet Comicon!

Star Beasts Issue #1 is hot off the comic cosmic presses. Be the first to get your convention exclusive issue at Kansas City’s Planet Comicon!

Want to know the real reason Pluto isn’t planet anymore?

Find out in the first issue of Star Beasts, The Mighty Menace. Meet the Condor Crew as they save Earth (and humans) from galactic baddies bent on destroying us all– as they like to do.

You’d think galactic baddies would like lounge on the beach, or take a minute to sniff the stars every once in a while, but no. It’s always Destroy. Destroy. Destroy.

The Adventure Blasts Off at Planet Comicon!

Come meet the Condor Crew, get a signed issue, and join the battle of the Mighty vs the Might!