Planet Comicon 2018


Hey, Hey, Hey Planet Comicon!

Star Beasts are cruising by for another adventure filled weekend at Kansas City’s Planet Comicon 2018.


What’s new at Planet Comicon 2018?

Last year Star Beasts offically met the comic universe at Planet. This year, the Condor Crew will launch our six issue series with…


If that doesn’t kick-asteroids, I don’t know what does?

Make sure to stop by our landing pad for free space stuff, fun galactic goodies, and custom sketches with space catchphrases! (Blast the Galactic Fantastic, Man!).

The rumor around the rocketblasters is that there will be convention exclusives.

Whoa. I know.

When is Planet Comicon?

Kansas City’s Planet Comicon is February 16 – 18 at Bartle Hall. Star Beasts will be postponing all disco volleyball matches to be there from noon to 7PM on Friday, 10AM to 7PM on Saturday, and 10AM to 5PM on Sunday!

Come see us at Kansas City’s premiere comic convention!


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