Let’s Make Comics: Zayd’s Design


I’m not afraid to admit that Zayd is probably my favorite character from the Star Beasts crew.  A cool, easygoing guy who just wants everyone to get along and have a good time – who wouldn’t want to hang out with him!? Plus, I love dancing, and Zayd is the right creature to have around for providing stellar galactic beats.

But when it came time to design his look, I had a little bit of trouble getting him to look quite right… Here’s how he looked the first go-around:

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 7.54.52 AM

I finished the sketching process and wasn’t 100% happy with the results… but I didn’t quite know what I should change about him. So when this happened, I decided to just let it sit, and move on to the next character. Zayd was among the first few characters I designed, so I was still working out the kinks of the overall look of the comic, and hadn’t quite gotten into the groove of things yet. Throughout the next few weeks, I would pop open the file and take a look, wondering what the problem was. The look just didn’t quite jive with my mental image of the character.

Then I realized that whenever I thought of Zayd, I had a real-life person in mind. My drawing was not quite reflecting the qualities of that person, so it didn’t feel right! My IRL muse is a tall, somewhat lanky dude, and the original version of Zayd was a bit bulky. So with a few adjustments to the face and head, and after shedding a few pounds from the chest, the true Zayd finally came to life!

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