Get to Know the Crew! Zayd


Zayd believes goodwill is good vibes. For this Condor Crewcreature being a DJ and a Zoorb Ambassador is one state of mind. Music is the zig to his zag and Zayd often uses tunes to solve the crew’s space problems.

He’s deeply inspired by the cosmos, the stillness of the universe, the controlled chaos of the sun, and of course, the music of the planets. Zayd was chosen by the Zoorb council to represent Earth in all diplomatic matters. He takes this responsibility seriously and is devoted to building creature friendships across the universe.

Originally from the Serengeti, Zayd misses his home from time to time, especially his girlfriend Zahra. She’s the Princess of her Dazzle of Zebras and devoted to her creatures. Every night Zayd spins songs out into the stars just to honor her.


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