Get to Know the Crew! Captain Bandit


Captain Bandit VII is a charming, but tough leader. As captain, his main goal is to complete missions and keep his crew safe. Bandit has a soft spot for outcasts and Crewcreatures who come up with unexpected ways to save the galaxy.

His father, General Bandit VI, was one of the most famous Zoorb captains in the fleet and Bandit is expected to succeed in father’s pawsteps. Like most dogs, Bandit was raised by a human family. In order to join the Zoorb Academy, he had become a “lost pet” and leave his human family forever.

As expected, he excelled at the Zoorb Academy and quickly caught the attention of Zoorb Council Leadership. Bandit was first in his class at Exploration, Peacekeeping, Security, and Search and Rescue. He was also captain of a 3-time champion volleyball team.

Bandit is one of the youngest captains in the Creaturehood, and also one of the most trusted.

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