Let’s Make Comics: Dr. Maria Curly design



Dr. Curly was actually one of the first characters I ever sketched from Star Beasts. As I was reading through the first draft of the script, I doodled some quick drawings of scenes if they stood out to me, or if I had some strong visual idea of how the scene or character looked in my head. It’s a good way to make your ideas real and closer to how you want them, if you get it out of your head and down on paper as soon as you can. That’s why I always keep a sketchbook handy.

Here is the first sketch of Maria:


Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.52.30 PM


Not too much difference from how she turned out, eh? When Steph and I were brainstorming characters, Steph mentioned thinking of Maria looking something like Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein…




Maybe that was why it was so easy for me to picture her in my head the first time I read her in the story!

I was also thinking of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, growing more and more frustrated, as she tries to brew the Drought of Living Death in Slughorn’s class. Her hair becoming bigger and more frizzled from the steam as the class goes on- a visual representation of her mood…




Somehow in the process of finalizing her look, she lost the bottom poof of her mad scientist hairstyle, but I still think the spirit of her easily frazzled personality comes through up on top of her noggin.

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