Get to Know the Crew! Maria


Dr. Maria Curly is a driven, well-respected scientist. With PHD’s in almost everything imaginable she doesn’t humor foolish creatures lightly. Maria loves to have THE scientific answer for everything.

When she’s focused on proving that her theories and experiments are 100% right, sleeping, eating, and even saving her other crew members becomes (SIGH) a bit of a bother.

Her role on the ship is to answer any science need necessary to protect Earth and study new astrologic experiences in deep space. Personally, Maria hopes that by exploring the far reaches of the universe, she’ll learn groundbreaking truths that will help her win the prestigious Dardis Prize again. Maria dreams of becoming the only creature scientist to have won the Dardis three times!

An entire wall of Maria’s laboratory showcases her well-earned diplomas and awards. The doctor may, or may not have positioned her lab worktable just so she could glance up at her own greatness every now and then.

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