Get to Know the Crew! Macca


Ian, better known as by his creature nickname Macca, is the last of his kind.

He’s a dependable peacemaker and natural leader. Macca is a sitting member of the Zoorb Council and the creature who communicates with the Prime Derma, the chosen human government official informed about the Cosmic Creaturehood.

When it comes to tough decisions and cosmic choices, Macca makes the right call 99% of the time. He tends to trust his inner voice rather than listening to others–a trait that doesn’t always win him points with the Condor Crew.

Macca believes in the pure purpose of the Order of Cosmic Creatures, to protect Earth and all Her creatures, especially humans. Most creatures look to him for guidance and he uses divine legends of the creaturehood to counsel others. He has a soft spot for underdogs and believes every creature deserves a chance to reach their full potential.

A trained warrior, Macca fights only when necessary. He carries with him the Relic of the First Unicorn, a long horn with hidden powers.

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