Let’s Make Comics! Steph’s Writer Storyboards

When Lassie and I decided to make Star Beasts, I’d never written a comic before.

BAM!  This newbie had to figure how to write comics fast, but let’s face it– ideas need to be born.

After I dreamed up a new pet space world, developed characters with Lassie, plotted, paced, and read bunch of comic writer scripts, I was ready to finally start writing. My game plan was to write 6 issues at once and capture the whole story arc.

To keep track of my page spreads, I drew mini storyboards of the 24 page comic on a piece of notebook paper. I numbered each square so I could see the spreads at a glance.


Then I tore up sticky notes into 24 pieces. On each one, I scribbled down the main plot point for each page. This helped me keep track of the story flow, especially if I needed to make pancakes, or something before I finished writing the issue.


PLUS! I could just take the sticky notes off and use the same base notebook storyboard for the next issue. Very handy-dandy.

I did this process for all six issues and it worked super well. Try it out!


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