Get to Know the Crew! Pep



Pep is a young iguana and a recent stowaway on the Condor. Captain Bandit quickly recognized his crazy natural techie abilities and rushed his paperwork through the Zoorb Academy. This meant Pep skipped school and went straight to space, a fact that doesn’t sit well with some of the Condor CrewCreatures.

As Tech Maintenance Support, Pep knows his job is crucial, BUT it also keeps him stuck on the Condor. Pep craves adventure. He loves to be in the thick of things. So far, Pep’s always been left behind to fix on tech issues while the rest of the crew goes on wild missions to save the universe.

While he waits for his first big mission, Pep collects postcards from the places the Condor visits. He plans on sending one of them to his parents to tell them he’s okay. Stowing away on the ship was sort of a spontaneous decision. His parents think he’s still on Spring Break in Florida.

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